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FINC 752 Global Financial Services in Hong Kong and Shanghai

Preparing to Go

As the arrangements for their programs are being made and the fees for the students are being calculated, Program Directors assume the responsibility for recruiting applicants and, after the deadline, play an active role in selecting participants. Once the group sizes and rosters are confirmed, Program Directors work with their program providers to adjust on-site reservations accordingly, while the Office of Study Abroad collects student forms, updates its emergency materials for each program location, and organizes an orientation program. Program Directors take the lead on preparing students for the particular challenges of their programs and locations, setting expectations, communicating academic and conduct-related policies, and addressing questions and concerns. Program Directors themselves attend a pre-departure training workshop run by the Office of Study Abroad in collaboration with other campus units who provide invaluable expertise on various aspects of leading student groups off-campus.

Marketing and recruitment

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