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Choosing a Program

Choosing a Program

There are many different ways to think about program selection. The examples below overlap, and there may be a program encapsulating all three. Your advising appointment is a great time to discuss this question.
By Discipline
I want a program that will further expertise in my chosen major and/or career. A program specific to my field is my first priority.

- major/minor specific classes
- internship
- location relates to major
By Location
I have a specific location in mind that fits my personal interests and/or major. Where I go is my main consideration.

By Academic Model
I know what type of program I am looking for: classes through host country university or provider center, internship or research options, program size, etc.

- classes with other international/U.S./local students
- internship
- cohort model
- research/project options


Employers today need exceptional communication skills, intercultural awareness, ability to work on a team, and critical thinking skills more than ever. Gain valuable career experience through an internship abroad! Some programs offer full-time internships, others offer a combination of classes and a part-time internship.

Study Abroad Programs with Internship Option


Majors and Minors

St. Thomas strives to offer off-campus study options for all academic areas. With planning, it is possible for you to study abroad regardless of your major! The Office of Study Abroad has worked closely with the academic departments below to develop Major Advising Sheets; a starting point to investigate study abroad opportunities. If your major is not listed here, there are still options! Attend a first-step session and meet with an advisor to learn more.