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Office of Study Abroad Scholarships

The Office of Study Abroad (OSA) manages a portfolio of scholarships for those students participating in approved OSA off-campus programs. All students are encouraged to apply, even if their approval for a program is not yet confirmed. The general scholarship application ensures that applicants are considered for every scholarship for which they are eligible.

OSA Scholarship Brochure

OSA Scholarship Application

Minimum requirements to receive study abroad scholarships:

  • Degree-seeking student at the University of St. Thomas
  • Good academic and disciplinary standing
  • Approval to participate in a study abroad program
Tips for completing the general scholarship application:
  1. Read through the list of OSA scholarships and review all eligibility requirements.
  2. Begin a scholarship application and review the essay questions. You can save your application and log back in to edit it.
  3. Write well thought out essays, and address particular scholarships for which you would like to be considered.


Scholarship applications open 4 weeks prior to deadline.
October 1
for Spring Programs
March 15 for Summer, Fall, & Year Programs
April 10 for J-Term

IMPORTANT: Scholarships are awarded on the basis of available funds. Not all scholarships listed may be awarded each term. Applicants may receive only one award per year from those listed within this portfolio. If you qualify for tuition remission for your term abroad, you are not eligible to apply for scholarships.


Other Scholarships for Study Abroad

There are other non-St. Thomas scholarships available for students participating in off-campus programs. The following brochures list some of these options, but they do not provide an exhaustive list. Deadlines and application processes vary.

Other Approved (Co-Sponsored) Scholarship Brochure

If you are approved to participate in a co-sponsored program (e.g. AIFS, Butler, CIEE, etc...), you may qualify to apply for scholarships directly from the program organization. The brochure gives general eligibility information and scholarship award ranges, but please visit the program home page for complete details.

National Scholarships Brochure

There are many awards available nationally. For some, the application process is extensive. Please visit the scholarship home page for complete details.