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SJV/Catholic Studies in Rome

Catholic Studies in Rome/St. John Vianney

Eligibility and Application
Academic Information
In Rome
Pre-Departure and Program Dates
Italian Visa
Faculty and Program Staff
Program Costs and Cancellation Policy

Eligibility and Application

To apply for the St. John Vianney/Catholic Studies Semester, students must meet the following requirements:
  • Catholic Studies major or minor
  • Student at St. John Vianney Seminary
  • Sophomore, junior or senior standing at time of participation
  • Minimum 2.5 GPA (on 4.0 scale)
  • Good disciplinary standing

Application and Selection Process

Meet with a representative from the Department of Catholic Studies to discuss the program, process, and credits:
  • Undergraduate Students: Dr. John Boyle, (651) 962-5302,
  • Complete your online application by the deadline:

Deadlines: January 15 (priority for both fall and spring); March 1 (final for fall) September 15 (final for spring)

Academic Information

  • Conversational Italian will be taken on a pass/fail basis each semester
  • Students will typically select either Patristic Teaching or Modern Philosophy in the fall and either Moral Theology or Medieval Philosophy in the spring.
  • Three courses can be transferred from Rome for the Catholic Studies requirements.Students can fulfill their Fine Arts requirement and one or two Faith and the Catholic Tradition (FCT) requirements.

Grades and Transcripts

St. Thomas receives grade reports from the Angelicum and records the courses, credits and grades received for each student on the St. Thomas transcripts. Each course is worth four semester credits. A conversion is made for the Italian grades to U.S. letter grades.

Non-St. Thomas students may request that the transcript be forwarded to the Registrar on their home campus. One transcript is provided to each student at no cost.

In Rome

Excursions and Weekend Retreats (Tentative)
Included as part of the program are study tours to Bologna in the fall and Ravenna in the spring. Most of the courses will also include site visits. Each semester, there will be planned trips to Siena and Assisi in which students may elect to participate at their own cost.

Each semester a weekend retreat is planned at Casa Divin Maestro in the quiet woods on Lake Albano in the Alban Hills outside of Rome. The Casa offers respite from the activity of Rome. Students will have time for quiet prayer and reflection as well as community life and activities.

All students participating in St. Thomas study abroad programs are required to verify that they hold health and hospitalization insurance that will cover them while abroad.

Once in Rome you are required by the Italian government to hold the I.N.A. Assitalia, the Italian national hospitalization insurance. This insurance is included in the program fee and is obtained during the orientation in Rome.

As part of your program fee you will be enrolled in a Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) insurance plan for your time abroad. Generally, your CISI insurance will provide comprehensive accident/sickness, medical evacuation, repatriation, 24-7-365 worldwide assistance and a comprehensive security evacuation plan while you are abroad on your program. You will receive more information on the insurance plan prior to departure.

Pre-Departure and Program Dates

January 15 priority deadline for fall and spring
March 1 final deadline for fall
September 15 final deadline for spring

Note that this program typically fills at the priority deadline.

Group Meetings for Spring 2018 students
Attendance is required.
Discuss: Italian student visas, St. Thomas forms, pre-departure requirements, program payments, registration, logistics.

Tuesday, October 10; 11:45-1:00; Murray-Herrick Center Room 201
Tuesday, October 31; 11:45-1:00; Murray-Herrick Center Room 201

Notary Public Session*
Tuesday, October 24; 11:45-1:00; Murray-Herrick 212

*A Notary Public will be present to witness signatures on the Health Affidavit form and to notarize ID copies. Students must make separate appointments with a consular official to witness their signature on the visa application form.

Pre-Departure Orientation (Required)
Saturday, November 18; 8:45 - 2:00 in the OEC auditorium


Program Calendar 2017-2018

Fall Semester 2017
September 26 – 29: Angelicum registration
September 27: Papal Audience at St. Peter’s
September 29: Diaconal Ordination at St. Peter's
October 2: Regular classes begin at Angelicum/Italian class begins
October 16: Celebration of St. Thomas Aquinas (no class)
October 17: Student elections
November 1: All Saints Day (National Holiday)
December 8: Immaculate Conception (National Holiday)
December 21: Christmas break begins
January 8, 2018: Classes resume
January 17: Departure Date
January 29: Spring semester classes begin on St. Paul Campus

Spring Semester 2018
February 4: Official move-in date, Orientation Begins
February 6-9: Angelicum registration
February 7: Papal Audience at St Peter’s
February 12: Regular classes begin at Angelicum/Italian class begins
March 7: Celebration of St. Thomas Aquinas (no class)
March 24: Easter break begins
April 9: Classes resume
April 25: Liberation Day (National Holiday)
May 1: Labor Day (National Holiday)
May 23: Departure Date

Italian Visa

U.S. citizens are required to obtain a visa if their stay in Italy will exceed 90 days. St. Thomas will guide all students on the program in obtaining a visa (which is actually a stamp in your passport granting permission to remain in the country for a specified period of time).

Students should not plan any international travel plans during the period 90-days prior to departure for Rome since your passport needs to be submitted with your visa application.  Any international travel plans (particularly January Term courses prior to a Spring Semester in Rome) may jeopardize your ability to obtain an Italian visa, and you will be required to apply for your visa without the help of St. Thomas.

Getting to Rome

You will be responsible for booking your own flight to Rome.

Faculty and Program Staff

Fr. Dominic Holtz, Catholic Studies/Angelicum Director, Rome
Fr. Paul Gitter, Formator - Spiritual Director, SJV

Program Costs and Cancellation Policy

Program costs are comparable to on-campus costs. Please CLICK HERE for 2017-18 program fees.

Fall Cancellation Policy
If a student withdraws                                                    The cancellation fee is:
Prior to July 5                                                                 $450 plus any non-recoverable costs
From July 5 to August 1                                                 $1000 plus any non-recoverable costs
From August 2 to September 3                                      $1500 plus any non-recoverable costs
From September 4 onward                                            No refunds.  Student is responsible for entire program fee
Note: academic year students are subject to this same cancellation policy for the spring semester.

Spring Cancellation Policy
The $450 program deposit is non-refundable and is due September 1.
If a student withdraws                                                     The cancellation fee is:
From September 2 to November 1                                 $1000 plus any non-recoverable costs
From November 1 to February 1                                    $1500 plus any non-recoverable costs
From February 1 onward                                                No refunds.  Student is responsible for entire program fee