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Options for Going Abroad Again

How Can I Go Abroad Again?

Study Abroad Again!

Take advantage of other short-term off-campus opportunities or study abroad for another semester. See if studying abroad for another term fits into your degree plan, or check out post-graduate opportunities such as graduate study abroad, international fellowships, internships, teaching or volunteer abroad positions.

Graduate School and Fellowships Abroad

Do you want to continue your education abroad? There are many different graduate school options overseas, as well as a vareity of research and teaching grants that are available to recent college graduates.

Read this article and find out how it PAYS for you to go abroad for grad school:

  • allows you to select which country you would like to do your schooling in and breaks it down by what the campuses have degree wise. It is a good base to start off of if you do not know where you would like to study.
  • GSA: Grad Schools Abroad
  • The Mountbatten Institute in London, England allos students to live and work in London, England, while also taking graduate classes for an MBA on the weekends for 12-16 months
  • The Boren Fellowship awards $30,000 to U.S. graduate students to add an international and language component to their studies
  • The Fulbright U.S. Student Program offers the opportunity to do graduate-level research or course work in one country for one year. Awards include travel grants, full one-year research grants and teaching assistantships. For more information contact Sarah Huesing (, campus Fulbright Programs Advisor.
  • The Marshall Scholarship helps finance graduate study in the United Kingdom. 
  • The George J. Mitchell Scholarship aims to "connect future American leaders to Northern Ireland while fostering intellectual achievement, leadership, and a commitment to community and public service."
  • The Rhodes Scholarship funds study at Oxford University, UK
  • The Samuel Huntington Public Service Award awards a $10,000 stipend for student to perform one year of public service in their chosen country.
  • The Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program (McNair Scholars Program)
    was created to increase higher education opportunities for low-income families, first generation families and/or underrepresented ethnicities in graduate education.
  • Humanity in Action brings together international college and recent graduates to learn about discrimination and resistance in different European countries.

Teach Abroad

Teaching abroad gives you a steady job but also allows you to immerse yourself into a culture. Living and teaching in an international setting helps you gain new views and ideas. Programs/schools in Asia will most likely pay for your round-trip airfare and your housing while abroad. In other areas of the world, you will usually have to pay for your flight, housing and program fees. Some (especially in Asia) will give you a month severance pay, pay for some of your health insurance, and match your pension plan through the government. They usually do not require you to have your TEFL/TESOL Certificate, but you might get a higher salary if you have one. You only need a Bachelor's Degree with no required concentration. Knowledge of the language is always a plus but usually never required.

Things to consider before teaching abroad:

  • Is getting a steady paycheck and saving money important to you or is having the experience more important to you?
  • Do you want to live in a small town or a large metropolitan city?
  • Do you want to be around foreigners or natives?
  • Would you rather teach in a private school or public school?
  • Are there other foreign teachers at the school you will be teaching at?
  • Do you want to create your own lesson plans or do you want the lesson plans created for you? 

TEFL Courses:

Teaching Abroad:

Work Abroad

Working abroad allows you to be abroad for varying lengths of time while working an unskilled job. Most programs make you pay for your round-trip airfare, but you earn enough to cover your food, housing, and other costs. Others charge a program fee. If you're lucky, you'll save money to travel afterwards.

Things to consider before working abroad

  • If you work an unskilled job, you will be going to the country for the experience rather than for a resume builder.
  • You should go with the mindset that you will not be adding much to your savings account.

Work Abroad:

If you would like to work abroad for longer lengths of time or move to a certain region of the world to work, check out these websites:

Intern Abroad

Interning abroad is a great way to get experience in your field of study but also become more internationalized for your résumé. Some internships may be unpaid.

Volunteer Abroad

International volunteer opportunities are another great way to live abroad. You will be in charge of paying for your round-trip airfare. Some programs charge a program fee and then cover most of your meals and sometimes housing. Others provide your housing for your volunteer efforts. The lengths of time abroad vary, along with the type of work you'll be doing.