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Domestic Non-Credit Off-Campus Travel

Non-Credit Domestic Off-Campus Programs

All offices on-campus must follow the appropriate policies for off-campus travel. All sponsoring  academic departments must ensure that off-campus travel is registered. Contact Suzanne Lentz, Global & Local Engagement Office Coordinator (651.962.6456, with any questions.

As far in advance as possible:

  • Contact the Center for Global & Local Engagement for guidance in completing the following steps.
  • Prepare timeline by which students are required to have completed their online travel registration.

Before selecting students or confirming student participation:

  • Verify the good standing (both academic and conduct) of each applicant.
  • Conduct probation status can be checked in collaboration with the Dean of Students office.
  • Academic status can be verified either via Murphy or by requesting an unofficial transcript from each student.

During the semester prior to departure:

  • Require students complete the online travel registration. Sponsoring academic departments must ensure that all students complete this registration.  It is highly recommended that departments sponsoring travel keep a record of all travel registrations.
  • Require any accompanying travelers (for example, a parent) to sign the appropriate waiver.  Contact the Center for Global & Local Engagement to obtain the waiver.
  • Conduct orientation sessions for students which include information on:
          * A general overview of expected behavior on the program
          * Travel Safety information
          * General health issues or concerns (e.g., students should make the group leader aware if they have a chronic condition).   
  • St Thomas Student Health Services is available for consultation and can conduct a session on health and safety for travelers.
  • If you plan to rent a car during your off-campus travel, review the UST Motor Vehicle Operation Policies, Procedures and Certification Program, and you will need to complete the Authorization to Obtain Driver Record form.
  • The Center for Global & Local Engagement will provide all travel information to Public Safety, and provide sponsoring departments will weekly reports of registered travel.  Faculty and staff accompanying students are required to carry this during their travels.  

Further information regarding the travel registration process, including a link to the online registration, can be found at Off-Campus Travel Registration.