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Summer Programs

Summer Term Programs

UST-Sponsored Programs

To apply for a UST-sponsored program, please follow the steps below:

  1. Click here for a list of UST-Sponsored summer offerings.
  2. Select the Apply Now button to start your online application.
  3. Download and read Short-term Off-Campus Policies and Procedures. (You are responsible for the reading, understanding, and abiding by its content)
  4. Complete all application materials by the deadline: March 1.
  5. Click here for Application Requirements: Summer 2017

UST Cancellation Policy - Summer 2017

Through March 14, 2017.................Refund of $500 deposit
March 15 – March 31, 2017 ...........No refund; loss of $500 deposit
April 1 - Program Start Date............No refund; 100% of program costs will be charged to your student account and $500 deposit applies as credit*

*A refund for students who withdraw after the final cancellation deadline is based upon recoverable costs. The entire program fee may be forfeited. If cancellation occurs within 45 days of departure, there is little chance of a refund. There is no monetary refund for passport/ID photos.

No refund is given to students who wish to omit portions of the itinerary. Cancellations due to medical emergencies or U.S. government shut down (such as passport offices) do not guarantee a full refund, and in some cases, may involve no refund.


Co-Sponsored Programs

To apply for a co-sponsored summer term program, please follow the three steps below:

  1. Attend a First Step Session.
  2. Schedule an appointment with an advisor in the Office of Study Abroad (651) 962-6450. Your Study Abroad advisor will help you select a program based on your academic and personal needs, provide and facilitate the study abroad application
  3. An online application will be assigned to you. The program provider you select may have additional steps you need to complete.
  4. Final application deadline: March 15.
Click here for a list of Co-Sponsored Summer offerings.

You must complete your application materials by the UST Summer application deadline or your program provider's deadline, whichever is earlier.

Cancellation Process for Co-Sponsored Programs

1. Cancel through your program by contacting them directly.
2. Cancel through UST Study Abroad by e-mailing from your UST e-mail account.
3. You are subject to the cancellation policies of both your program and UST Study Abroad.

Program Provider Cancellation Policy:
View your program provider website and/or contact provider directly.

UST Study Abroad Cancellation policy:
You will be charged a cancellation fee equivalent of the Off-Campus Study Fee ($250 - short term; $600 - semester; 2014-2015) if you cancel from your co-sponsored study abroad program after the following dates:

December 1 for January Term and Spring programs
May 1 for Summer programs
August 1 for Fall programs