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St. Thomas and UMAIE-sponsored Programs

St. Thomas and UMAIE-sponsored Programs

St. Thomas-sponsored Programs
Led by St. Thomas Program Directors and attended by St. Thomas students.
UMAIE-sponsored Programs
Led by Program Directors from UMAIE consortium institutions and attended by students of UMAIE consortium institutions. UMAIE (Upper Midwest Association for Intercultural Education, is comprised of six colleges and universities that collaborate to provide students with short-term global education experiences.

All St. Thomas and UMAIE-sponsored programs carry four credits, unless otherwise noted.

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Priority Enrollment
The priority enrollment period is April 1-10 for all St. Thomas and UMAIE-sponsored programs.  Students who wish their applications to be considered for priority enrollment must apply by 11:59pm of the priority application deadline.  Applications will be accepted after the priority deadline on a space available, rolling admissions basis.

Application Process
Students applying to a St. Thomas or UMAIE-sponsored program do not need to attend an advising meeting. All program information and the application are accessible online.
1) Go to 'Search for a Program' to find the program in which you would like to participate and begin an application.
2) Once an application is complete, it will be reviewed for eligibility requirements and forwarded to the Program Directors for review.
3) The Office of Study Abroad will send notification of the application decision once made by the Program Directors. 

Selection Criteria
Qualified applicants (see Short-Term Policies & Procedures) will be selected on the basis of:

  • Academic preparation and strength;
  • Sense of maturity, responsibility, and citizenship;
  • Identification of carefully-defined academic and personal goals and objectives for studying off-campus on a proposed program and at its proposed location;
  • Ability to describe how the off-campus experience will apply to the student's academic and personal goals, and;
  • Knowledge of the host country and culture of the course.  An applicant should be prepared to address some basic factual information from both historical and current perspectives.
There may be additional criteria used by the Program Directors.  Check the full-page course descriptions or check with them.

Explanation of Fees

Tuition for four credits will be billed.

Program Fee
The program fee for January short-term programs includes airfare, accommodations, some meals, ground transportation, and course activities, including excursions, unless otherwise noted on the individual course descriptions.

Off-campus Study Fee
All students who study off-campus during any term will be charged a $275 Off-campus Study Fee.  The fee, along with the program fee, will be reflected on your student account prior to your program's start.  This fee supports the administration on the University of St. Thomas campus of the program in which you will be participating off-campus.

All students who study off-campus through UMAIE will be charged a $500 UMAIE Fee.  This fee will be reflected on your student account prior to your program's start.  This fee supports the administration on the University of St. Thomas campus of UMAIE programs.

Cancellation and Refund Policy - J-term 2018
Through Sep. 15, 2017................Refund of $500 deposit
Sep. 16 – Oct. 1, 2017................No refund of $500 deposit
After Oct 1, 2017 .......................You are responsible for the full cost of the course. 100% of program costs will be charged to your student account, $500 deposit applies as credit. Any recoverable funds will be calculated following end of program. There is no guarantee of any recoverable funds.

All cancellations must be submitted in writing to, by sending an e-mail from your St. Thomas e-mail account. Under no circumstances are cancellations accepted by phone or in person. Until a cancellation e-mail is received from your St. Thomas e-mail account, you are still enrolled in the course and subject to full billing.

No refund is given to students who wish to omit portions of the itinerary. Cancellations due to medical emergencies, government shutdown, or failure to obtain a visa or passport do not guarantee any refund and may involve no refund. Travel insurance is strongly recommended.