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Other Approved J-Term Programs

Other Approved J-Term Programs

Other approved programs are programs managed by a St. Thomas approved program provider: AIFS, IES, etc. St. Thomas continues to support students with advising and St. Thomas administrative logistics; the program provider manages all aspect of the program: academics, housing, onsite student support and excursions.

University of St. Thomas Other Approved Program Organizations
Students may apply for any program offered by an approved organization. Visit their websites for additional information.
AIFS: American Institute for Foreign Study
Arcadia: College of Global Studies
Augsburg: Center for Global Education & Experience
CC-CS: Spanish Studies Abroad
Central: Central College Abroad
CIEE: Council on International Education Exchange
IES: Institute for the International Education of Students
IFSA: Institute for Study Abroad, Butler University
IAU: Institute for American Universities
SIT: School for International Training
SFS: School for Field Studies
University of Wisconsin-Platteville

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Application Process

1) Attend a group advising session for Other Approved J-Term Programs (required): learn about the application process, credit transfer, logistics and eligibility. Advising and application opens April 15th.

2) Select a program and notify advisor of program selection (if you did not do so during advising session).

3) Complete St. Thomas Study Abroad application.

4) Complete other approved program application.

5) Students must be approved to study abroad by both St. Thomas and the other approved program.

The priority application period does not apply to other approved J-Term programs, and students are not required to submit a deposit to St. Thomas on application. Deposits are paid directly to the other approved program.

Advising sessions for Other Approved Programs - J-Term 2018
Attendance required in order to apply; RSVP not needed. All sessions are in MHC 212 unless noted. 

Tuesday, Sept 12 12-1pm
Thursday, Sept 14 12-1pm
Wednesday, Sept 20 11am-12pm
Monday, Sept 25 3-4pm

Students applying to a St. Thomas or UMAIE program are not required to attend an advising session or meet with an advisor.

Theology Approvals
The following programs have been approved by the Theology department to meet St. Thomas Theology core requirements.

2nd Theology
IES: Rome – From Pontius Pilate to Theodosius
Arcadia: Greece - St. Paul in Greece (NEW)

3rd Theology
IAU: Mediterranean Basin - From Polytheism to Monotheism, The Early Christian Period in Italy, Greece & Turkey
IAU: Europe and the Islamic World
AIFS: Germany: Humboldt University*
AIFS: Italy: Richmond in Rome*
*Only the religious studies courses are approved for Theology credit

Explanation of Fees for Short-Term Programs

Off-Campus Study Fee
All students who study off-campus during any term will be charged a $275 Off-Campus Study Fee.  The fee, along with the program fee, will be reflected on your student account prior to your program.  This fee supports the administration on the University of St. Thomas campus of the program in which you will be participating off-campus.

Program Cost
The other approved program will bill St. Thomas for program costs. Charges will be posted to St. Thomas accounts, balance is due following the normal on campus billing calendar. Visit for dates. Application fees and confirming deposits must be paid directly to the other approved program; these fees cannot be posted to student accounts.

Cancellation process for Other Approved Programs
1. Cancel through your program by contacting them directly.
2. Cancel through St. Thomas Study Abroad by e-mailing from your St. Thomas e-mail account.
3. You are subject to the cancellation policies of both your program and St. Thomas Study Abroad.

Other Approved Program Cancellation Policy:
View your other approved program website and/or contact them directly.

St. Thomas Study Abroad Cancellation policy:
You will be charged a cancellation fee equivalent of the Off-Campus Study Fee ($275 - short term; $650 - semester) if you advise St. Thomas you are not participating in an other approved study abroad program after the following dates:

December 1 for January Term and Spring programs
May 1 for Summer programs
August 1 for Fall programs