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J-Term FAQs

J-Term FAQs

I can’t log in!
Log in to using your St. Thomas username and password. If your St. Thomas username and password do not work, contact ITS for assistance with resetting your password (

How much do programs cost?
Tentative costs, as available, are included in the budget sheet, found at the top of the program brochure. Costs will be finalized during the fall semester. Go to Search for a Program and, once you have located the program you are interested in, click the term next to the Budget Sheet tab.

Do I have to submit my application online?
Yes. Paper applications are not accepted.

Do I have to make a deposit now?
Yes, deposits are required at time of application for St. Thomas and UMAIE-sponsored programs. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Is my deposit refunded if I am not accepted?
Yes. Deposits are typically refunded to the bank account you have provided to the Business Office. However, if you have a balance on your St. Thomas account, the deposit will be applied to that balance.

I will be taking a pre-requisite for a J-Term course during the fall semester. Is that O.K.?
Yes, you must have completed all pre-requisites by the start date of the J-Term course.

Can I apply for more than one program?
No. You may only apply to one program. If you are not admitted to a program, e-mail with the name of the other program to which you’d like to apply. If you are accepted to a program’s waitlist, and wish to apply to a different program, you will need to e-mail to withdraw your waitlist application.

How do I know if my application is complete?
Once each box next to each application requirement is marked as 'received' your application is complete and will be reviewed. There is no final submit or send button.

Can a non-St. Thomas student apply?
Yes. They need to e-mail for instructions. For St.-Thomas sponsored J-Term programs, non-St. Thomas students must apply after the priority application period. For UMAIE programs they must apply through the program directors’ school (i.e. for a course led by Augustana directors, the non-St. Thomas student would need to apply through Augustana). Non-UMAIE students applying to a UMAIE course are able to join courses on a space available basis after September 15 for a fee of $300.  Applications can be reviewed before September 15 but won’t be accepted until after this date.

How do directors decide which students are accepted?
Program directors look at all aspects of a student’s application: essay, academic history, GPA. Students are especially encouraged to write a thoughtful essay, although this is not the only factor in application decisions. Review the Selection for Criteria on the St. Thomas/UMAIE Programs page.

How do I know which programs are full?
In early May a list of full and waitlisted programs will be posted at > Apply for a Program > January Term


View the cancellation policy on the programs pages. Ask Study Abroad if you have any questions.

How do I cancel my application?
Cancellations MUST be sent from your St. Thomas email account to Under no circumstances are cancellations accepted by phone or in person. Until a cancellation e-mail is received from your St. Thomas e-mail you are still enrolled in the course and subject to the cancellation policy.

I'm approved for an Other Approved J-Term Program, how do I cancel?
Students on other approved programs must cancel with both St. Thomas and the program organization. They must be aware of their program’s cancellation policy.


Should I cancel from the waitlist so I know I'll get my deposit back?
The cancellation policy does not apply to students on the waitlist. However, if a spot opens in a course students will automatically be moved in and the cancellation policy immediately applies.

What if the cancellation deadline has passed?
If space should open in a course after the first cancellation deadline, Study Abroad will confirm the next student on the waitlist wishes to accept the spot. If the spot is accepted the cancellation policy immediately applies. If the spot is not accepted the student's application will be cancelled and deposit refunded.

When will I know if a spot will open?
Unfortunately it is not possible to predict whether or not any accepted students will cancel and therefore open a space in a course. Study Abroad will keep students on the waitlist through the end of November. If no spaces open, waitlist applications will be cancelled and deposits refunded.