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Proposing a Spring-embedded or Summer Program

Paris Students

Proposing a Spring Semester-embedded or Summer Program

The spring semester and summer are additional periods during which short-term St. Thomas-only off-campus programming may be scheduled. This scheduling, however, presents some unique challenges that J-term programs do not have to contend with. A short-term study experience that is embedded in a spring semester course may not be feasible for undergraduate students with regard to timing unless it coincides with spring break or begins after the start of the summer. Even undergraduate programs with summer-only travel can encounter difficulties meeting enrollment goals because students tend to consider this season as their time to work or intern, or to pursue other non-academic goals. Spring-embedded and summer programs should be carefully designed to maximize enrollment potential.

The proposal process for spring-embedded and summer programs is similar to that for J-term UST-sponsored programs, with the Academic Review Committee for International Education (ARCIE) responsible for proposal review and approvals. Proposals are due mid-April for programs that will run in the following academic year, with summer term considered the last term of the year. Faculty who are considering submitting proposals will find it helpful to review the ARCIE website, looking especially at its selection criteria and processes. Staff in the Office of Study Abroad are available to speak with faculty about their program ideas while they are preparing their proposals.

Additionally, faculty who would like to propose programs in the future might apply for grants to use toward planning trips to their intended off-campus locales to collect teaching materials, establish contacts, scout out on-site services, develop itineraries, identify potential guest lecturers, etcetera. For faculty who would like to re-vision core curriculum courses they have taught previously, Teaching Enhancement Grants are available through the Center for Faculty Development.