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Program search results
Program search results
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UMAIE: Amazons and Wonder Women: The Classical World in the Modern Imagination (CANCELLED) Athens Greece Europe UMAIE
Paris France Europe UMAIE
UMAIE: Arab and Jewish Influence in Spain and Morocco Casablanca Morocco Africa UMAIE
Cordoba Spain Europe UMAIE
Fez Morocco Africa UMAIE
Granada Spain Europe UMAIE
Madrid Spain Europe UMAIE
Marrakesh Morocco Africa UMAIE
Seville Spain Europe UMAIE
Tinghir Morocco Africa UMAIE
Toledo Spain Europe UMAIE
Valencia Spain Europe UMAIE
UMAIE: Chemical Industry in Germany: Historical Beginnings and Industrialization Berlin Germany Europe UMAIE
Cologne Germany Europe UMAIE
Dresden Germany Europe UMAIE
Frankfurt Germany Europe UMAIE
Ludwigshafen Germany Europe UMAIE
Munich Germany Europe UMAIE
Nauen Germany Europe UMAIE
Potsdam Germany Europe UMAIE
UMAIE: Chiseling God: History, Culture, and Divinity in Ancient Greece Athens Greece Europe UMAIE
Crete Greece Europe UMAIE
Delphi Greece Europe UMAIE
Meteora Greece Europe UMAIE
Nauplio Greece Europe UMAIE
UMAIE: Epic Story-Making: The Olympic Games in Literature and Media (CANCELLED) Multiple Sites Greece Europe UMAIE
UMAIE: European Union and Cities: Regional Integration and Urbanization in the EU (CANCELLED) Brussels Belgium Europe UMAIE
London United Kingdom Europe UMAIE
Milan Italy Europe UMAIE
UMAIE: Hindu Mythology and Buddhist Philosophy in Nepal Kathmandu Valley Nepal Asia UMAIE
UMAIE: Immigration and Belonging in Europe: Refugees and Immigrants in Germany, France, and the UK Berlin Germany Europe UMAIE
London United Kingdom Europe UMAIE
Paris France Europe UMAIE
UMAIE: John Paul II in His Polish Context Czestochowa Poland Europe UMAIE
Krakow Poland Europe UMAIE
Lublin Poland Europe UMAIE
Warsaw Poland Europe UMAIE
UMAIE: Mediterranean Crossroads: Peoples and Environments from Sicily to Rome Multiple Sites Italy Europe UMAIE
Rome Italy Europe UMAIE
Sicily Italy Europe UMAIE
UMAIE: Mozart, Beethoven, and Beyond: The Music and Culture of Vienna, Prague, and Budapest (CANCELLED) Budapest Hungary Europe UMAIE
Prague Czech Republic Europe UMAIE
Salzburg Austria Europe UMAIE
Vienna Austria Europe UMAIE
UMAIE: Race, Gender, and Revolution in Cuba Havana Cuba Central America UMAIE
UMAIE: Resisting the Legacy of Colonialism: Indigenous Culture, Language, and Literature in New Zealand/Aotearoa Auckland New Zealand Australia/Pacific Islands UMAIE
Wellington New Zealand Australia/Pacific Islands UMAIE
UMAIE: Surviving Adolescence: Literary 'Adulting' in England, Italy, and the Netherlands Amsterdam Netherlands Europe UMAIE
Florence Italy Europe UMAIE
London United Kingdom Europe UMAIE
UMAIE: Sustainability through a Business Lens: Exploring People, Planet, and Profits in Chile Multiple Sites Chile South America UMAIE
Puerto Varas Chile South America UMAIE
San Pedro de Atacama Chile South America UMAIE
Santiago Chile South America UMAIE
Valparaiso Chile South America UMAIE
Vina del Mar Chile South America UMAIE
UMAIE: The British Roots of American Journalism (CANCELLED) London United Kingdom Europe UMAIE
Stratford-upon-Avon United Kingdom Europe UMAIE
UMAIE: The Religions and Peoples of India Agra India Asia UMAIE
Aurangabad India Asia UMAIE
Chennai India Asia UMAIE
Delhi India Asia UMAIE
Madurai India Asia UMAIE
Mamallapuram India Asia UMAIE
Multiple Sites India Asia UMAIE
Thanjavur India Asia UMAIE
UMAIE: Theatre of England (CANCELLED) London United Kingdom Europe UMAIE
Stratford-upon-Avon United Kingdom Europe UMAIE