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Staff : Listing

Following is a listing of staff members. Click the staff member's name to view office hours and contact details.
This table shows a listing of staff members.
Name Email Phone
Tanisha Ann Andrews WATL4644@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
William L. Barnes BARN7794@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Deborah M. Besser BESS8866@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Jean Pierre Bongila JPBONGILA@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Heather M. Bouwman HMBOUWMAN@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Samantha C. Boyd BOYD6320@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
John Frederick Boyle JFBOYLE@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Bernard V. Brady BVBRADY@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Jennifer K. Brask BRAS0021@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
David P. Brennan DPBRENNAN@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Kanishka Chowdhury K9CHOWDHURY@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Richard Cogill unavailable
Daryl B. Coppoletti DBCOPPOLETTI@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Jacob D. Cunningham JDCUNNINGHAM@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Erin M. Curran CURR4490@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Laura C. Dunham LCDUNHAM@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Benjamin E. Durrant DURR3729@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Corey M. Eakins CMEAKINS@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
M. Alexis Easley MAEASLEY@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Maurice K. Fahnestock MKFAHNESTOCK@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Georgia S. Fisher GSFISHER@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Lauren Danielle Freiberg PEDE0070@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Madeline M. Giesen GIES0039@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Michael J. Glirbas MJGLIRBAS@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Stephanie D. Grimm GRIM2463@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Cari L. Haaland CLHAALAND@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Rama K. Hart RKHART@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
James J. Heaney JJHEANEY@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Hannah M. Hedegard HEDE0759@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Thomas A. Hickson TAHICKSON@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Sarah Elizabeth Huesing SEHUESING@STTHOMAS.EDU 651-962-6484
Kurt R. Illig ILLI8559@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Ameeta Jaiswal-Dale A9JAISWAL@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Lenny L. Jennings LLJENNINGS@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Alec C. Johnson ACJOHNSON2@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Justin Kader KADE9806@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Adam Davidson Kay ADKAY@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Robert G. Kennedy RGKENNEDY@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Deborah F. Koland KOLA7951@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Melissa A. Lamb MALAMB@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Alexandra Lapides LAPI0356@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Christina L. Larson-Dickson LARS0556@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Timothy L. Lewis LEWI0118@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Elaine C. MacMillan MACM8869@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Jill M. Manske JMMANSKE@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Alessandro Marchetti MARC3806@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Dalma Martinovic MART6831@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Jeni A. McDermott MCDE4002@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Jennifer T. McGuire MCGU8071@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Agnieszka Anna Michalak MICH3062@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Amy M. Muse AMMUSE@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Jeffrey J. Oxman OXMA7702@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Katherine L. Papke PAPK2883@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Paul L. Quam PLQUAM@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Jennifer A. Rau RAU01167@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Gerald W. Schlabach GWSCHLABACH@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Ivancica D. Schrunk IDSCHRUNK@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
John R. Schweers JRSCHWEERS@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Heather M. Shirey HMSHIREY@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Gaston E. Small SMAL7939@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Nicole C. Smith NCSMITH@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Kim R. Sovell SOVE2926@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Mark D. Stansbury-O'Donnell M9STANSBURYO@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Kevin M. Theissen KMTHEISSEN@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Dale B. Thompson DBTHOMPSON@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Quincey L. Traynham TRAY4524@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Edward T. Ulrich ETULRICH@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Terra Dotta University unavailable
Pakhoua Vang VANG2390@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Lauren Vanessa Viner VINE6291@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Kimberly J. Vrudny KJVRUDNY@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Stephen D. Vuolo SDVUOLO@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
John F. Walker J9WALKER@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Kathy Willemssen 952-440-1338
Suzanne M. Windett SMLENTZ@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Suzanne L.W. Wisniewski WISN1021@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Peter C. Young PCYOUNG@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Victoria M. Young VMYOUNG@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Barbara A. Zell BAZELL@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable
Thanos J. Zyngas TJZYNGAS@STTHOMAS.EDU unavailable